baby hair lay down!

22 Mar

All my life girls were slapping gel on their hair to get that smooth hair on the sides of the head “baby hair”. Some of had to use more gel that others. Well, now that I have joined this wonderful community of natural hair ladies I am in search of that NO MORE.

All my life I had the “bad hair” the nappy, can’t do anything with, need a perm every 4 weeks stuff. When the Halle Berry cut was popular I kept a jar of relaxer at home just to keep the back smooth. Goodness forbid the “kitchen” get bad. But since I am 4 months after my Big Chop and I do mean big (#3 guard self shave). I have a small afro. One of my FB friends said she wished she could get an afro…YES somebody actually wants their hair to do something that mine does effortlessly!!! I have the GOOD HAIR!! LOL. I am looking forward to blow-outs and poufs etc. But I just assumed everyone could do a simple afro. Yes, I love this natural hair of mine. I hated it for years because everyone said it was SOOOO nappy..SOOOO thick and SOOOOO unruly. Well, 3 snaps in a circle…I don’t need that baby hair to lay down, it is standing proud and at attention. I’m a big girl now 🙂


4 months after Big Chop



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